If you’re looking for a high quality tool, Tanaka weed eaters and brush cutters are well worth considering.

Although in the past they’ve built a reputation for professional equipment – like the powerful brush cutter shown above – their more recent “prosumer” weed wackers offer a competitively priced alternative for those who don’t do landscaping or lawn care for a living, but still have some unruly weeds to tackle!

If you’re a pro you probably already know of the Tanaka brand. Commercial grade gas two stroke grass trimmers and brush cutters with motors up to 47cc and a range of useful extras like pole saws and tree pruners – serious kit for a serious day’s work. Not cheap, but with big engines, durable build and solid steel shafts with lifetime guarantees you definitely get what you pay for.

But most of us don’t need that level of tool. Even if your back yard extends to an acre or two, a $700+ brush cutter probably isn’t what you need.

However, that same build-quality and attention to detail is also available in the “prosumer” range – weed eaters that compete with the very best available. Advanced 23cc “PureFire” commercial-grade two stroke engines that produce considerable power yet relatively low emissions. There’s also an anti-vibration system for extra user comfort. For the technically minded, there’s a forged-steel connecting rod for durability, a heavy duty centrifugal clutch and an easy-start mechanism that features transistorized ignition. Plastic outer casings are made from PA6 GF30, a material claimed to be twice as strong as standard ABS. String loading is via the “No Brainer” system – fast and easy.

Not only does all this sound very impressive, Tanaka are prepared to back it up with a 7 year consumer use warranty. You’ve got to be pretty confident of the long-term reliability of your equipment to do that!

If you’ve got a small yard, Tanaka weed eaters are not what you’re looking for. If you’ve got a reasonable parcel and you need a good tool with plenty of useful accessories that will give you reliable service for years to come, a Tanaka weed eater could well be just about perfect. For full details of the range click here.